Arnaud, le créateur de la marque, à Lisbonne

beautomstory#5 Who's behind Le Beau Tom?

A little break in the saga “how did I create my brand of briefs and boxers? to tell you a bit more about me. Who am I and what led me to create underwear for guys?

My name is Arnaud, I'm 37 years old, I'm a cabin manager in a French long-haul airline 🛬 💺, and I'm currently on sabbatical to develop my project that I'm piloting from Lisbon.

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I chose Lisbon as a base to work as a "digital nomad" during the launch of my project for several reasons: firstly, I have Portuguese origins and I had dreamed since adolescence of reconnecting with my mother's roots.

This passion for Portugal led me to stay very frequently there and that's how I met the second reason for my expatriation to Lisbon: R 💖 💗 💓 .

The third reason is none other than strategic: my briefs and boxers suppliers are on Portuguese soil and being close makes it easier to relate to one of the pillars of my business.

Before launching Le Beau Tom, and dedicating most of my time to your #bottoms, I was living a life at 100 an hour in my job as a cabin manager and trainer, and my base was the magnificent city from Lyon (where I would come back to put my suitcases once satisfied with Lisbon).

I am originally from the Paris region; my migration to Lyon was the result of a professional opportunity. But the fact that I stayed there for more than 10 years was above all the fruit of love. Love for the city but also love for my first boyfriend with whom I stayed for almost 10 years.

Our breakup, deliciously mixed with the various confinements and washed down with a small dose of rum (my friend G from Reunion Island) were certainly the perfect ingredients for the “questioning and action” cocktail.

Today my life in Lisbon allows me to be a little sedentary after years of wandering around. I impose a regular rhythm on myself to stay on course for Le Beau Tom and take care of my well-being at the same time. A huge part of my day is devoted to satisfying you. The work periods are framed by my 2 km swim every morning, and the sports session with my other half in the evening.

I give myself a time off on Sunday and Monday to get my head out of your packages. I am convinced that to succeed in any business, you have to know how to take care of yourself, to be able to give the best to your customers.

Stay on top, we've got your back 🖤
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