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beautomstory#1 The birth of the Le Beau Tom brand

beautomstory#1 The birth of the Le Beau Tom brand Briefs, boxers and love 🖤 Le Beau Tom is obviously a pun referring to a part of the body that every human being has 🍑, but it's more than that: Tom is us, you, me, him... and Tom is Handsome , he is handsome when he feels good in his underwear. The pun itself was born a long time ago during a conversation around a swimming pool. I was then taking my first steps in the gay world, and discovered that same day the meaning of the term #bottom. #Lebeautom immediately came to mind and was directly associated with underwear. J, my first and great love, then advised me to register my trademark. Something I did… 10 years later. J has always been a mentor for me, a pillar and he has always had the ability to read me and advise me. This trademark registration coincided for me with the end of a beautiful relationship 💔 (and therefore a difficult break-up) and also a year marked by the pandemic and its multiple confinements. I needed a new challenge, a project that drives me and that looks like me. I'm a steward in a French company 🇫🇷, a travel buff ✈️, but above all a passionate for encounters. It's a subtle mix of travels, encounters and a summer passion that will trigger the final click. ✨ The final click was G. A lover, a love interest from Reunion Island, and a friend now. During a dinner at the end of 2020, he breaks down the remaining barriers and pushes me to carry out my project. He will be one of the first to know the name of the brand, and he is above all the one who imagined the very first logo (which served as the basis for the current one). In the first logo designed by my friend, the L, B and T overlapped and intertwined. 3 very different letters that form a harmony. Each letter has its own identity, but when we lay them together, they form a heart or…. a pair of buttocks🍑.
This logo was for me synonymous with inclusion and tolerance.
Like these 3 letters, I imagine a world where we continue to intertwine to form hearts and asses, regardless of our sexuality, our origin, our corpulence...
Today, even if the logo has changed for various commercial and technical reasons, it is the state of mind that I want to instill in my brand.
Le Beau Tom is a brand for all guys who put on their briefs or boxers with the feeling of being on top.
When I was younger, I had a hair complex, along with other complexes... I never would have imagined showing myself in underwear on a social network... and yet today that's how I prefer myself, in underpants, without complex, with the acceptance of my body as it is. My tuft of hair and my love handles are part of me, and accepting them makes me more beautiful in my eyes, and that's ultimately what matters.
It is in this state of mind that I created Le Beau Tom. I hope you will find yourself looking good in these underwear.
Stay on top, we've got your back 🖤
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