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Let me take care of your package

When we come to worry about the packaging, it is that a beautiful road has already been made, of course. But the fact remains that it is an important part of the e-commerce business model and we cannot afford not to anticipate. The choice of packaging is crucial and complicated.

Technical, ecological, aesthetic and financial considerations must be taken into account. In more detail this gives:

  • A format that is easy to send but which sufficiently protects briefs and boxers.
  • A minimum of material, and if possible eco-friendly materials (recyclable, compostable or from recycling)
  • Packaging that is attractive and respects the identity of the brand.
  • Of course, the packaging must be cost-friendly. For this, it is imperative to reduce the volume by avoiding boxes for example. The larger the volume and weight, the higher the shipping costs. The cost of packaging must also remain reasonable.
As with many subjects in my adventure, I started by scouring google to discover the different solutions. I also watched the “unpacking experience” on instagram to see what was happening elsewhere.

With all the information collected, I began to see things more clearly and now I had to make choices when it came to materials and design. As always, the guideline is to respect the values ​​of the company at the best price.

Here, the value is ecology. And ecology has a cost... but I think that by reducing packaging to what is strictly necessary, we are already acting on our carbon footprint and this by controlling costs. The textile industry is already polluting in itself, so it's the least I can do.

In the end, I decided to work with wastebased.com and noissue.co, both offering eco-friendly solutions.

The envelopes selected at wastebased.com are 100% compostable, and if you don't have any compost, you can also dispose of them in the regular trash.

If you are careful during the opening, you can even reuse the envelope.

You will find a QR code on the back of the envelope if you want to know more.

The noissue.co platform gives the possibility of customizing the packing elements and it is mainly this option that appealed to me.

It is relatively simple to use.

Custom Tissue Wrapping Paper

For the design, I still accepted the help of rudbeckie.com and we combined our ideas in order to offer you the prettiest packaging possible.

The sticker and the tissue paper are recyclable, and the small satin ribbon can be reused to decorate a gift for example.

I will let you discover the solutions we have chosen when you open your mailbox.

As far as logistics are concerned (packaging, shipping, follow-up, etc.), the long-term objective is to outsource, or else to hire... So I could devote myself to developing the brand, partnerships, develop new offers and learn to surf (yes yes I set myself this objective in mind).

But for the moments, I calm my ambitions for grandeur and I manage everything from A to Z in my small warehouse/office at my home. Your orders are dropped off every morning (except Sunday and Monday) at the nearest post office and I myself follow all your shipments with the tracking number.

Tracking GIFs | Tenor

I have chosen not to offer express shipments which too often involve not very #greendr practices and which in addition necessarily affect your wallet in the end.

Now that I've given you part of my adventure, I'm going back to work hoping to have inspired and interested some.

Your package is in good hands;) Do not hesitate any longer, place an order www.lebeautom.com

Stay on top, we've got your back 🖤

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